Saturday, February 28, 2009

Cool Web Sites!

I just went on the most coolest websites EVER! I was looking for more cyber pets, when I come across these two cool ones. One is called Horwse. You adopted a colt or filly and raise it. And when it's old enough, it can go into contests or it can breed. The other one is called Dizzywood. You create an avatar and can see people and talk and do missions. The only bad thing is, is that you can't buy stuff, you have to be a member. But besides that, it's AWESOME!! That's it for now! Shakey Later!!

Friday, February 27, 2009

Kingston Weariness

We got home form Kingston at around 2 in the morning and I am exhausted! Now, it wasn't the drive home that's worn me out, it's the time AT Kingston that wears me out. You see, when we arrive, Joshua has had a two and a half hour nap, so he won't be tired for a while ( lucky me ). He's all hyper and ready to play. So we go to Grammy's room and ' drop ' mom off. I gather the things we need and head off to our ' playroom '. In the playroom, I set Joshua up with his dinner and start eating my dinner, which may be Taco Bell or Mickey D's. After he's done, we go back to Grammy's room and get his bag and wagon full of toys. We say hi to Grammy and Mom and leave. Then I stet up his toys and begin cleaning up his mess. After I arrange everything so that Joshua can't get into anything, I begin my school work ( YUCK ). Sometimes I'll just be starting and Joshua will come over, pat me on the arm and yell, " Mama! ", which means he wants me to play. Sometimes I will, but other time's I won't and start my work. About half way into my school work, he'll come over, pat me on the arm - a little harder - and yell, " Mama!! " This time I do play with him. I watch him build things and knock them down or build a tower for him and let him knock them down. Then I go back to my work. THEN he'll start the process all over again. This time I get him a snack and that keeps him quiet until I get done. Once my things are put away, I start playing with him. I chase him and play his way of hide-n-seek. I get on my hands and knees and chase him. Then he will go to the door and start grunting. That means he wants to go to Grammy's room. So I open the door and he runs to her room. The thing that bugs me, is that he only spend about 3 minutes in there, and then we leave. On our way back, he'll stop at the little lounge area and crawl all over the couch or make me chase him around the table. After that I'm a little tired, but not exhausted. We head back to the playroom and start the chasing ,building,crawling and hide-n-seeking all over again. Then he wants to go back to Mom. So we start THAT process again. We keep going over the same routine over and over and OVER! Finally it's time to go home. Now, we arrive around 4 pm and we leave around 12 am. That's 8, count 'em, EIGHT hours of having to do all of that that I mention with him. Sometimes he will take a nap around 9 or 8. It might be a short hour nap or a long nap that lasts all the way home. He had a short nap and would not shut-up in the car. He was grunting and whining. It drove me crazy! Then we get home and I am EXHAUSTED. Mom' having some tummy problems that won't allow any shaking. So I have to stay up till 5 in the morning. Around 4:45, I tell mom Joshua's ready to go to bed. He wasn't, he just got more excited. So I took him out, lay ed him on the couch, turned of the TV and said, ' Night-Night time '. He quieted down and watched the pellet stove's fire. Finally he fell asleep and I fell asleep at 5 in the morning. I am EXHAUSTED today. Next time, I want Noah to come along so I won't ache as much as I do now. OW!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Jobs For Year 14

I want a job in the worse way, but I can never find anything. So I found some jobs that 14 and up can do, but I think that there are more.

Here are some places that might hire 14 year old teens

1. Target
2. K-mart
3. Blockbuster
4. Subway
5. McDonald's
6. Chick-fil-A (?)
7. Publix (?)
8. Cole's
9. Bi-Lo (?)
10. gas stations
11. movie theaters
12. Libraries
13. pizza places
14. Chuck-E-Cheese
15. Wal-Mart
16. Mervyns (?)
17. Sixflags

These are the ones I found on To look at more, go to and type in ' jobs for 14 year old '. They have many websites with jobs for 14 and up. So check it out! Maybe you have a job 14 year old can do! Comment me and tell me about it! I'll be doing a post once a week on 14 and up Jobs. See ya then

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Teenagers, What and What Not To Do, Day 2

Day 2:
Okay, here's question 2

Me and my 15 year old daughter use to be real close. Now, everytime I try to hug her or kiss her, shoves me away. Should I be offended???

No, you shouldn't. Teenagers, need some space. When they have friends over and you try to hug or kiss them, they shove you away. But don't be offended. They want to look cool in front of their peers, and having a parent hugging or kissing them might make them seem babyish. But there are times when hugging and kissing are good. When her boyfriend breaks up with her. When she and her best friend have a fight. Even when she seems slow and sad. They may even hug or kiss or do both to you! So don't be offended, they just need space and time.

Here are some things you could do to show affection while her friends are around.

A - Give her back a gentle tickle when you walk past her

B - Make her favorite dinner when she invites friends for supper.

C - When she goes out, give her a pat on the back as she rushes out the door.

Tip - If you child seems in a bad mood, ask her what's wrong. Talk it out and you might just
get a hug or kiss!

Hope these help! See ya tomarrow!

Tapawingo Girls

I told you before that I go to Youth Groups, right? Well, I forgot a very special ( and very fun ) one. Tapawingo Girls! It's a special group that meets every week on Monday. There is a special activity every week. Like, Luau Party, ice skating, snowman building contest, indoor swimming, and so much more!! And the best part is, is that it is only for girls! First, we make sure we have everyone. Then we go to do our activity. After our activity, we go to the Lobby and sing songs. Our devotional is next and then we pray. And that's it! It is a good, godly group that is influenced only by God. It's alot of fun and I know any girl that goes there will have TONS of fun. So check it out!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Teenagers, What and What Not To Do

I'm planning to start a new thing. It's about Teenagers! I got my inspiration from Trina, the creator of Darling Day-Care and Adirondack Trina. She ask for info on how to raise teens, and since I'm a teen, I thought I could start a post for info on Teens. Now I know what you are thinking, why would a teenager give us advice? The answer to that question is, I want to make it easier for teens and parents to have relationships. It takes time, just like a relationship with the Lord. You got to work at it and push it into your schedule, but then it becomes a good habit, and one that you enjoy! The Lord wants families to be together, so I thought I could give families a little push! Now, Here you go!

Here's a question you might ask yourself:

My teenager keeps asking for money, and I don't want to give it to him, but I'm afraid they'll hate me.What do I do now?

Here are some answers

A - If your teenager is 16 and over, tell him he needs to get a job.

B - If he is under 16, he could do extra chores around the house or do a
job for the neighbors.

Your teen won't hate you. It will teach him to earn money when he gets older.
And he will fell good earning his own wages

Tip - If you want to teach him more about money, teach him how to save it.
Get him a checking account and show him how to get money and stuff.
Tell them to spend their money wisely so that when they have enough money.
they could get something really great!!

That's all for today! I'll do a new question every day and an answer along with it.

My All Time Favorite Gadgets

While creating my blog, I've come upon some Gadgets that I REALLY like.
One is Parking Perfection 2. It's really challenging trying to get your car in it's spot,
without crashing. Another one is Daily Bible Trivia Quiz. Reminders From God is definitely my
favorite! Then there are the Polls, which are fun to do, because you ask a question, give multiple answers and let the viewers do the rest.One that is new is my Lab Pixies clock. It's 'skin' can change to whatever you like and it's so fashionable and cute! My other new one is my Lab Pixies Weather Reporter. It tells you the weather on that day and the next three days.
That's about it for now. When I find new gadgets, I'll post 'em up. Until then, Happy Blogging!!!

Temporary Mom

Joshua, my baby brother is such a sweet heart! Even though he is only twenty months old, he is very smart. He helps with laundry, throws away garbage when we say, hands people things and knows how to play " The Ittsy Bittsy Spider " and " Patty Cake ". He loves to look at a certain book called, " Counting Colors ". It's his favorite. So when ever he wants to look at it, he picks it up, rushes over to me and screams, " Mama!! " If I don't respond, he'll start patting me till I look at it with him. He has a certain way he likes to do it. He'll flip through the pages till he gets to one he likes and pats the page. If I am not paying attention to him, he'll scream, " Mama!! " He loves it and I enjoy teaching him colors. The only thing that bothers me ( and a few other people that he knows ) is that he calls me , " Mama ". I like to pretend he's my baby , but I know he's not. When we go to Kingston, Joshua, Noah and I go down to a certain room that we are allowed to play in, as long as we clean all our things up and bring them back to our grandmothers room. Anyway, when mom isn't there, I become his 'temporary mom '. If anything hurts him or scares him, he comes running to me.I find it SO adorable that when mama's not there, he knows I'll protect him. He knows I'll play with him and put him to sleep and stuff. Even when mom is around, he still looks to me, just not as much when mom isn't around. I enjoy acting like a mom to him, I think it's good practice for me when I have children, but I'll always be his big sister.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

All About Me!!!

Aloha! My name is Shelby. I'm a teenager with two younger brothers. My mom, Tonya , is the creator of A Bushel N' A Peck. I have a LONG story! I was born in New Jersey. My dad was away from home for at least 6 months, though I was too little to remember. My parents divorced when I was four and we moved up to New York to live with my grandmother. We lived with my grandmother till my mom married again when I was five. We lived in a cozy apartment building that I can still remember today. My mom and I painted blue hearts on the cabinets and walls. My babysitter and I would have lots of fun while my mom and stepdad were working. She would record shows of Pokemon for me and bring me little toys. Then, they divorced, and me and my mom moved out to my grandmothers, again. My mom was pregnant and I had my first sibling, a brother. I was six when Noah, my brother, came. We are six years apart and both born in June. Life was normal, then my mom got a job at Burger King. She would work from around 4pm to 3am. So she was pretty much not there. Then she quit so she could spend more time with us and got a job as a paper carrier. Then my mom and stepdad got back together. THEN, my mom announced we were going to have another baby. So on June 13 Joshua came. Again, six years apart, from both me and Noah. But before Joshua came, my grandmother got very sick. So sick, that she had to go to the hospital. After three days in a normal room, they put her in ICU with a trach. We visited her every day for maybe a year. Then, they couldn't keep her anymore and sent her to a Rehab center in Kingston for people with trachs and smoking diseases and stuff. We got her settled into her new room and met the people that worked there and some neighbor( that's what they call the patients who live there. ) Then Josh came and we couldn't go and see her for about two months. She was doing fine, till she got sick and went to the hospital. We stayed down there for weeks till she went back to the Rehab center, which is the North East Center for Special Care. She kept getting sick over and over, so we kept staying over and over. Then she was finally well. And she was well for a long time. Then, my mom was told she couldn't come home. So the Rehab center became her home. We visit her once a day every week and I know she enjoys our visits. Joshua has gone there since he was a newborn, so he knows exactly where her room is. Things become crazy at our house many times. Let's say the house is completely clean. A few days later, it's a mess! I have MANY responsibilities. More than I think a normal teenager has. I cook ( which I LOVE doing! ), clean ( Not so Much. ), watch the baby and school ( which I dislike! ). I love to bake things. I bake brownies,cakes,cookies,breads and lot of other things. I go to a Youth Group called Pink Chicken( don't ask me why it's called that!). I enjoy my life, though it gets VERY stressful! I became a Christian when I was five, but was unsure of my belief in God and renewed it when I was 11 or 12. I guess that's about it! It was Nice to meet You!!!

I Am Finally Here!

It took forever to get a background. Every time I found one I liked, I couldn't upload it because of some error that began with a bX something or other! Hopefully they will fix it and I can upload the background I really like. This will have to do for now.