Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Clean! ( And It's Gonna Stay That Way! ) scoop. I FINALLY finished ALL the cleaning yesterday ( yippee! ). It took all day, but I got it done. I had to mop, sweep, and vacuum the three main floors, do the mountain of dishes which took me hours, clean the kitchen counters, and clean the fridge. Now the fridge was and extra thing, but it HAD to be done. There was no where to put anything and there was rotten food in there, too, so I decided now would be a good time to clean. John and Mom were annoyed ( at least I think they were ) about me cleaning all day and no breaks. I could have cared less. I needed to get the house done, even if my bones melted. So I did the mopping, sweeping and vacuuming while Noah, John and Joshua were out side. It got done and I dried it with a towel, so that the boys wouldn't have to stay out side whiled it dried ( aren't I merciful ). Then I did the dishes. I had done the cups, bowls, silverware and plates the day before, so now I had to tackle the pots and pans ( and any other dishes ). I finished them and went to work on cleaning the counters and stove. Then I went to clean the table ( which is one of Noah's jobs, but I forget ) and saw the eggs that were bought earlier weren't put away. So I went to put them in the fridge, and I couldn't. So I got some cleaner and cleaned the shelves, sides and a couple of drawers. I threw somethings out that were really gross, and let me tell you, I saw a super gross orange, and had to pick it up with my fingers! EWWWWW! I scrubbed it REALLY hard after that! Finally I put everything back in the fridge, all organized and finished the counters. Today, the house looks great. The counters are clean and the fridge is neat. I sweep the floors everyday, but I made a rule that before coming in the house, you must take off your shoes or you may come inside, but stand on the mat and take off your shoes, it worked yesterday, but John and Noah keep forgetting, but it'll work out sooner or later. So today I am taking it a bit easy; sweeping and cleaning off and spots on the counters and stove. So that was my cleaning experience. Once I get into the rhythm of cleaning, it goes quickly; especially if I'm by myself. If I have Noah helping me, it takes forever to do one thing. He can't even finish his daily chores! But....I suppose Mom and John will have to deal with that. At least All-Over Cleaning Day is done till Saturday!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Should I Be?

Okay....I haven't done this in a while, cuz there was nothing to talk about, but now...there is. Last Wednesday I was invited over to my best friends Rachel's house for a sleepover. I went over Friday, and left a list of things that needed to be done, which means chores. Now, in case you are wondering about the chore list, let me explain. You see, my mom was ( and still is ) having weird pains in her stomach, so she couldn't get up and do things. So that's where I come in. I've always been tidy around the house- just not in my own room- and I learned how to cook things when I was twelve or eleven. So I can cook and clean. I also have to take care of Joshua and Noah. So I'm being Temporary Mom again. Now, it's fun with the baby, but when you have to feed three people, including myself, and clean, and take care of the baby AND take care of Mom, it's difficult. And Noah doesn't like me in charge, so I've gotta argue with him. The first few days were rough. The floor was untidy, the dishes were thrown in the sink, no laundry was getting done, etc.etc. So I decided to come up with something. I would write down chores on our white board. As usual, Noah got the least, but I can't trust him to do anything else, cuz he drags everything out. I would get five chores and Noah would get three or four. We do regular chores on the week days, but on Saturday, it's our All-Over Cleaning Day. Which means, we clean everything. Dishes,mopping and vacuuming and sweeping on the porch, living room and kitchen, and other things. I get the most because I know how to do those things fast and I know how to do them well. Anyway, back to the list. So I gave mom a list and we were off. I was suppose to stay for one day, but I was allowed two. So when my mom comes and gets me, she says the house looks like a bomb hit it. So I think, there's probably a mess in the living room and the counters are a mess. Well, when I got home, was I wrong. It was a mess! I ask mom, " Did you guys do any chores? " " No. " I was furious. They left everything on me! So the minute I walk in, I instantly want to get the house clean, but I was tired and hungry( cuz they eat organic stuff and they had homemade pizza and I really don't like homemade pizza ) and I really didn't want to do anything. So I wrote down the chores on the white board for Monday. Monday was gonna be our All-Over Cleaning Day, cuz no one had done any chores on Saturday, our usual All-Over Cleaning Day! I had so much to do. The three main floors needed to be swept, vacuumed, and mopped. The table needed to be cleaned, the hall and bathroom needed to be picked up and swept, the sliding glass window needed to be cleaned, dusting had to be done, the little dogs hadn't had a bath in two weeks, and the dishes, oh the dishes, needed to be done. Now, let me tell you about the dishes. A few day's earlier to Friday, I didn't get the dishes done. So when I left the note, I said that they needed to be done. So I come home, and there are no cups, bowls, or plates, cuz no one could be merciful and do them for me!!! I was most angry at that. They had left them for me. Isn't that wonderful? So I get a two day vacation, and I have to come home to a mess that I have to clean. I hadn't been out of the house in weeks before the sleepover, so I was tired of the house and wanted to get out. So I finally get to, and I come home to a house that's all messed up! I was furious, and I still am, because I didn't get to finish all my chores yesterday. I am angry, that no one could stand up like I did and do the chores. I do not expect mom to do them cuz of her stomach, but the two able boys could have! I'm furious. Should I be furious?

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Sam = Trouble

Sam = Trouble #6


" What? " asked Sam in bewilderment.

" Who are you? " asked Holly.

" Um, my name's Sam. "

" Oh, cool. Name's Holly. "

Sam mouth gaped open. Holly was speaking like her. ' But why? ' thought Sam. ' Let me review what I did. I got mad, yelled, and broke the necklace..... Sam gasped. The necklace! It stopped them, true, but it was also a mind control device. ' It must be most effective when you've been there a long time! 'She looked around at her friends.

" Guys! Take your necklaces and ties off! "

" Why? " asked Allyson.

" Just do it, and then give them to me. "

They did, and one by one, they all started to look dazed. They gave there neck items to Sam, and as each one was put in her hand, she could feel the power grow in her hand. ' Who are these people? ' Sam look at everyone, and they started looking normal.

" Why am I in these awful clothes?! " asked Cassie. " Where are my Chanel boots?! " Sam gasped. Cassie was rich!

" Adam? Where's my bag? I don't have my makeup on! " asked Allyson.

" Who knows! I'm wondering where my bike is. I just painted the thing like a comet weeks ago and I have no idea where it is! " exclaimed Adam.

" Hey! I wanna know where my rhino sneakers are! I paid 40$ for those things! " said Dillon, who was very upset.

" Anyone know where my skateboard is? Tony Hawk signed that thing, and it's VERY valuable to me! " said Drake.

" Hey, who's she? " asked Allyson. They were referring to Sam.

" Uh.... Name's Sam, um... I'm your friend. You're my friend, too. All of you are. "

" Oh! Is this you're house? " asked Holly, who looked like a scared puppy.

" Yea...this is my house. Um..why don't you all come up into my room? "

" Ok! " squealed Allyson. They all tromped up the stairs into Sam's blank room.

" Wow! Your room is so nice! " exclaimed Cassie.

" Yea....but it's awful blank, isn't it, Sam? " said Allyson.

" Yea, I'm not done unpacking. " Sam stood awkwardly for a minute then said, " Um.....why don't we sit down? "

Everyone sat down, and Sam started thinking. She had to tell them that they had been under mind control, but how?

" Ok, um, when did you guys move in to Blackberry Hill? "

" We moved in two years ago. " said Allyson.

" I moved in a year ago. " said Dillon.

" Um...let me see....oh yes! I moved in three years ago. " said Dillon.

" Four....four years ago. " stuttered Holly. Sam knew she was going to be the scared and weak one.

" I moved in about a year and a half ago. " said Drake.

" Ok. Um... I don't know how to tell you guys this, but you were all under mind control. "

Everyone gasped, except Drake.

" I knew it! I knew it! "

" Knew what? " asked Holly.

" I knew that the necklaces and ties were used as mind control devices! When I first showed up, everyone was acting odd. So I did some snooping, which is something that I'm good at, and overheard a conversation from the Teachers Meeting. They were just goin' to get to why they were doin' it, when someone put a tie on me, and I sorta blacked out. I woke up in he nurses office. My mind went frantic. It was like I was in a machine and couldn't cry out for help. "

Sam thought a moment. ' So they ARE trying to control children! They turn them into perfect zombies and send them of to the 'campus'. But what was the campus? She needed to find out what the teachers were up to, but she couldn't do it alone. She looked around at her friends. Holly was the shy one, Allyson and Adam were the planners, Dillon was the mechanic, Cassie was rich, Drake was speed and sneakiness, and she was the brains and also speedy. ' If we could all be friends, we could stop them! '

" Hey guys? "

Everyone looked at her.

" I've got a plan. "

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Legislative Day ( What a Day! )

Today we went to Legislative Day, and it was awesome! We walked into this HUGE room that held 1,000 people in it. They had a breakfast buffet table out because people have to get up REALLY early to get down there. They had cereal, muffins, bagels, fruit and other things, but the thing that caught my eye, was that they had green bagels! It's St.Patricks day today, and they honored it by dying the dough green before making it. My mom would not eat it, but I thought it tasted delicious! Then Tom Stiles spoke and then a man prayed an awesome pray and then an man, who is the son of the man, who told THE man who now does New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedom. I listened to him for an hour and then all the teens had to go into their class. It was cool! 300 teenagers came! There were 6 teams. Red, yellow, green, black, white and blue. I was in the Red Team, which was the Education Committee. We watched two videos that the Teen Track, which are seniors, sophomore, and collage students who love to do this, made. They put on a few plays, which were cool, too. Then we had little quizzes on the lessons we had, which were maybe five. A little quiz for each lesson. Then , around the end of the class, maybe an hour before we had to leave, we got to go to the Assembly Room! It was HUGE!!! bigger than the room where all the churches were. The walls were carved into beautiful designs and there were marble or some kind of stone pillars that were HUGE!!! You see, before all this, we were having a debate, all of the teams, on whether or not the bill should be passed that school should have hamster racing. It was loads of fun, unfortunately, the No people were out numbered by the Yes people in my group, but that's where the Assembly Room comes in! All the groups went in there. I got to sit in one of the seats that the voting people sit in and look at one of the Bill Calenders. And we had a guest there. A man who works there. Malcom Smith! Then everyone asked who sat in the stand that looked like where a judge would sit. He said that Sheldon Silver sits there. Finally, after all questions were asked, we got to vote. And guess what???? The No people won!!!!!! The bill would be vetoed! Of course, this was only a silly bill, but our teacher told us that gambling is sinful and that we should never do it, even if we think it's for good. So on my way out, I got a bag of coupon to take home. I got other souvenirs, like a pin and the my name tag. I had so much fun! I can't wait to go next year!

Sam = Trouble

Sam = Trouble #5


" Uh...." gaped Sam.

" Is something the matter, Sam? " asked Cassie.

" thought you were changing? "

" We did. These are our play clothes. " said Dillon.

" Oh. " Sam was shocked that they wore dresses and suits for play clothes. ' What kind of person wears dresses to play with? '

" May we come in? " asked Allyson.

" Oh...sure. Come on in. " Sam lead them in, and immediately they sat on the chairs and couch. Girls on one side, boys on the other.

" Uh..can I get you guys anything? " asked Sam, awkwardly.

" Yes, I would like some tea. " said Cassie.

" I would like some as well. " said Drake

" Why don't I just make a whole pot for all of you? " said Sam.

" That would be splendid! Do you have any cookies or muffins? " asked Allyson.

" Uh....I think Mother bought some animal crackers yesterday. Would those do? "

" Yes, that will do. "

Sam ran around, making tea and searching through the cupboards for the crackers. The water over boiled and Sam quickly poured it in six glasses and put the tea bags in them. She let the tea cool and went to search the cupboard again. She found them behind her cereal and poured out the crackers into a bowl. She brought over the cups and set them on the coffee table, went back and brought the crackers to the table.

Sam watched her friends as they sipped her tea. Everyone seemed to enjoy it, except Holly. She sneered and made awful faces at it, and when she took a bite of the crackers, her face screwed up into an awful face, Sam thought that they must taste like lemons.

" This is delicious, Sam! What's it called? " asked Dillon.

" Um...I think it's called Raspberry Zinger. "

" It's perfectly scrumptious. " admired Cassie

" Yes, if you like dirty dish water. " said Holly for the first time since she came.

" What did you say? " asked Sam, feeling her anger rise in her throat.

" I said if you like dirty dish water. This tastes awful! My mother makes the best chamomile and she makes scones warm out of the oven. "

" So your saying that you don't appreciate my tea and cookies?! " fumed Sam.

" Yes, your service is awful. You knew we were coming, and yet you could not even serve us appropriate drink and food. "

Sam didn't answer. Her anger thermometer had blown. She clenched her fists and trembled. Her face turned beet red.

" Sam? Are..are you alright? " asked Cassie timidly.

" Of course she isn't. She served us horribly, and now she feels ashamed.

And with those words, Sam blew up like a volcano. She took hold of Holly's necklace and ripped it off without thinking. The necklace layed on the floor in pieces and Holly layed on the floor, looking stunned and dazed

" You listen here! I have worked to please you and follow your rules, but now I am so sick of them, I could throw them up in your face! If you ever want to come around again, then you better not insult me ever again! "

Holly stared at her. Her eyes were huge and she looked as if she had no idea what was going on. She looked around, and started to tremble. She stood up and cowered under Sam.

" Well?! What do you have to say?! "

Holly looked at her, her eyes were full of tears.

" I..I don't know who you are, or why you're yelling at me. " She looked around. " Where am I? And who are you? "

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Sam = Trouble

Sam = Trouble #4


The whole day was nerve racking for Sam. She watched everyone, and didn't really pay attention to her lessons. Luckly, it was the first day of school, and since she was a new student, the teachers said that she must act better by the end of the week.

Sam examined everyone, even the teachers. She noticed that all the women teachers wore grey buisness dresses , black, flat dress shoes and had their hair up in neat, tight buns. The men, wore black buisness suits, black dress shoes and a red tie. Sam couldn't imagine why the teachers needed be trained, so she let that thought go.

She was at her last class for the day, which was Assignment class. The teacher was Mr.Lewington. A mean man with a pointed nose, a bald head and hurtful hands. He carried around a ruler and tapped the knuckles of anyone who was loud. Which wasn't a problem, because everyone was quiet. Even Sam.

" Now, the assignements for today will be written up on the board. For the rest of the year, you will recive a piece of paper with all the assignment of the day. Understood? "

" Yes Mr.Lewington. " said chorused everyone. He started writing up the assignments, and Sam looked around.

The walls were painted brown- and bare - and the floor was a black carpet. The chalkboard was such a dark green, it looked as if some one had been cleaning it all day. Sam shook her head. These people were so tidy it was unbelieveable.

She looked down, to see a folded piece of paper. Sam smiled. Someone was actually breaking rules. She scooted her pencile slowly to the edge of her desk till it dropped. Mr.Lewington turned and glared at her, but said nothing a returned to the chalkboard. She bent and pick up the pencile and the note. She sat back up, put her pencile on her desk and waited a second before looking down a reading it. She opened it a read:

Can not wait to come over! Meet all of us near the maple tree out front to recieve addresses.
- Allyson Herold

Sam put the note in her pocket and looked for Allyson. ' She has brown hair, like Adams and she's wearing a blue bow in her hair. ' Sam found her at the front. ' How on earth did she pass me a note from up there? ' She looked at the people behind Allyson. Adam was behind her. ' So she passed it to Adam and Adam gave it to me. Nice! '

" Okay, class. Please write down your assignments and wait for the bell to ring. I need to go to a Teachers meeting. " Mr.Lewington opened a drawer, and dumped in a bunch of little black notebooks. ' Just like the ones Mrs.Ernia has! ' He zipped up the bag, and left.

Sam wrote down her assignments and loaded her stuff in her black pack. A few minutes later, the bell rang. Everyone stood up, grabbed their books, which were held together with a belt and lined up. Sam stood at the end, and everyone moved.

When they got outside, though, everything was different. All the kids laughed and played old time games and jump-roped. They still talked the same as they did in school, but it was different, more energized. Sam could hear conversations on shirts and shoes and pants and things like that. She then noticed that her classmates were not in front of her anymore. She looked around and remembered the note. " Under the maple tree. " she said outloud. She saw them near a giant maple tree at the boarder of the school line. They waved to tell her they were waiting. She ran over and saw Holly. She looked angry, but said nothing.

" Hello Sam, ready? " asked Allyson.

" Yea, but why don't we go to my house and do it. "

" Oh, we can not. " said Dillon.

" Why? Are you all late for something? "

" No, but we do need to get out of our school clothes. "said Allyson.

" Oh, well, I'll just give you my address and you guys can come over and I'll get yours. "

" Alright. " said Drake. " We'll be at your house in half an hour. "

Sam wrote down her address on six pieces of paper and gave them out.

" See ya! " Sam ran, got her skateboard, and rode down the street. ' Wierd. ' she thought. ' What kind of clothes do they change into after school? ' She shook her haed and rode faster.

When she arrived at home, her mother was out. She looked at the clock. It was 4:30. Her mother should be out of work. ' Probably getting groceries. ' She ran up to her room, flung her pack in the close and flopped on the bed. She looked at her room. She wasn't finished unpacking yet, but when she was, her room would look better. Her walls were painted a skyblue and the floor was wood. ' I have to get out my carpet tonight. The floor was freezing this morning. ' Her red bedspread was folded on her bed, along with her white pillowcases and white sheets. She kicked them off, to make room for her friends.

A moment later, the bell rang. Sam ran downstairs and opened the door. Her stomach went quesy. Standing in the doorway were her friends, but the thing that made her quesy, was what they were wearing. Allyson had on a soft pink dress, black dress shoes, a pink bow in her hair- which was brushed - and the school necklase. Adam had on a white dress shirt, brown dress pants, black shoes and the school tie. Cassie and Holly were dressed like Allyson, but Cassie's dress and bow were blue and her black hair was in a pony-tail and Holly's dress and bow were green and her golden hair was in braids. Dillion and Drake were dressed like Adam, but Drake's pants were black and Dillon's pants were blue.

" Hello, Sam! May we come in? "

Friday, March 6, 2009

Sam = Trouble

Sam = Trouble #3


Holly seemed not to hear and hurried down the hall with Sam dragging behind her.

" Where are we goin' ? asked Sam.

" I've got to start you off in the Little Lady Class, we continue from there. "

' Little Lady Class? ' She thought. They rushed down the white walled hallway till they pasted into a fancy-like hall. Lace curtains hung at the windows, small crystal chandeliers hung on the ceiling, the walls were painted a warm rose color, a soft ,dark rose colored rug replaced the white tile. The doorway of each door was crafted into a fancy design. ' This whole area is fancified and girly! ' thought Sam in a disgusted way. Being a tom-boy, she hated girly things.

" You'll never fit in if you wear that. " said Holly.

" What? "

" Your clothes. You won't be treated the same. They are so...... unladylike. "

Sam looked at her clothes. Tan, cargo pants; camouflaged t-shirt; black, flat bottom sneakers and her older brothers old baseball cap.

" This is what normal people wear. Not zombified perfectionist freaks! "

Holly gasped, but pursed her lips tight. " Come, we have lots to do. "

" You know what..... forget it. I'll just get a map. "

" There are no maps here in Blackberry Hill High school. "

" There's always a map. " Sam turned and started walking down the rugged hallway. Sam didn't look behind. After a moment, she heard soft footsteps behind her.

" Samantha, you can not do this. "

" Watch me. " And with that, Sam stomped out of the fancy hall and back to the original one.

" Now, lets see. What room do I go into next? " Sam looked at the doors. Her homeroom was number 7. " I wonder if Mrs.Ernia has a schedule. " She opened the door a crack and peeked inside. No one was there, not even the teacher. She opened the door and stepped inside. She walked over to the teachers polished desk and opened all the drawers.

There were five drawers. The first drawer held sticky notes, paper clips, pencils and pens. The second one was full of clean lined paper. The third held confiscated toys, candy and notes. ' That's weird. ' she thought. ' these kids are so perfect, yet they have to have toys taken away. ' She closed it and went to the fifth drawer, hoping that she held all her important papers in there. She opened it to find nothing but hair scrunchies, a hair brush and some hair pins. She went to the fourth drawer, thinking she'd probably find a mirror. She opened it, and gasped.

There were loads of little notebooks, files, and something like a remote control. She opened one of the notebooks.

September 4th- " Today Nick Hansel passed on. Couldn't handle the strain. "

September 8th- " Victoria has been trained. Will move to the campus next week. " She flipped through till she saw today's date.

October 1st- " A new student is coming here. Name is Samantha Seven. Have a strange feeling about this one. Training will start next week. "

Sam closed the notebook and put it back in the desk. She picked up the remote and thought back about what everyone was wearing. The boys all wore ties and the girls all wore necklaces.

" So that's what this thing is for. The ties and necklaces are like electric dog collars. When one of them is bad, she shocks them, but how does she do it without anyone seeing. " She looked on top of the desk and saw schedules. She took one, and ran out, but banged into something. Or someone.

" Miss Seven? What are you doing in homeroom? School ends in 4 hours. " said Mrs.Ernia, sternly.

" Uh... um. I..I thought I left a book in there, but I just remembered that I had put it in my pack. " " Oh....well you had better get to math then. " , She said, a little softer. She patted Sam's back and went into the room. Sam walked down the hall, thinking. ' Why are these people trying to control kids? ' She decided to make plans later. She went into math class,terrified about what would happen in this class.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Sam = Trouble

Hey Everyone! I've decided to do it every other day. Here ya go

Sam = Trouble #2


" What? " asked Sam.

" I'm accompanying you to lunch. That way when we're done, we can go on with our tour. " They walked into a grey walled room, which was again, bare. The picnic table were painted black and were polished. The grey tile floor was clean and waxed. ' Doesn't anyone make a mess here? ' thought Sam. They got in line with their lunch trays. The line went unusually fast for a school. Sam looked at the way Drake got his food. He was so quick, it was like he had memorized the lunch menu.

" Miss Seven, "

" Whu? " She looked at an angry Holly.

" Move down and pick your lunch. " She moved to the food and looked at it. Meatloaf with green beans,milk and apple slices; chicken nuggets with potatoes,milk and pear slices and a veggie burger with corn,water and tangerine slices. She couldn't decide. Then Holly bumped her elbow.

" What?! "

" You need to pick fast. We have only 24 minutes and 35 seconds before lunch is over. " Sam stared at her but picked the chicken nuggets. Sam walked out, when suddenly Holly was by her side.

" Let's sit near the light. " suggested Sam. Holly looked at her horrified.

" That's were the Seniors sit. Our grade sits in the corner marked 7. " Sam looked to see 4 picnic tables, but only one was full.

" Why don't they spread out? "

" Because those tables belong to the other six grade classes, but they eat at two. "

" Oh. " Holly shook her head as she walked.

" You certainly have a lot to learn. " Sam swallowed her anger again and walked to the table. When they got there, everyone was quiet. Holly sat down quietly and started eating her lunch. Sam set her tray down onto the table. She sat down, but missed the seat and fell flat on her back. She could hear giggling. She got back up and sat on the seat. She started eating her food, when she felt people staring at her. She looked up to her class mates looking at her.

" What? " Allyson spoke.

" You're not eating the right way. "

" Huh? "

" You're suppose to eat with your back straight, head high, no elbows and napkin at your lap. "

" I ain't doin' that. " Holly gasped, but the rest looked at her as if she were something new.

" Say that again. " said Drake.

" Uh... I ain't doin' that. " Cassie giggled.

" Who taught you that? " asked Adam.

" No one. People in the real world speak like that all the time. "

" Wow. " said Dillon.

" What else can you say? " asked Allyson.

" Well.." While she was thinking, she missed her mouth and potatoes splatted on her new neon green jeans. " Aw jeez! Now I gotta go get cleaned! " The others oohed. Sam looked up.

" So, Miss Seven.. "

" Guys, "

" I'm not a guy! " exclaimed Allyson.

" When I say that, I mean you all as a group. "

" Oh. "

" Anyway. You don't have to call me ' Miss Seven ' . Save that for my mom. "

" Okay Samantha. " said Dillon.

" And don't call me Samantha either. Call me Sam. "

" Okay, Sam. " said Drake. Holly looked at her watch.

" Dear me! We have to leave soon. Shove that food in your mouth and let us go! " Sam shoveled the rest of her potatoes and threw away her pear slices.

" Why did you do that? " asked Cassie.

" Cuz I don't like them. "

" But if you do not eat all of your food, you won't get an award. "

" What!? That has gotta be the most stupidest thing I have ever heard! " The rest looked at me. " What kind of person gives you an award for eating?! I say, if I don't like it, I ain't gonna eat it. " Everyone nodded their heads.

" You're right, " said Drake. " That is stupid. I'm not doing it anymore. Now I don't have to finish my green beans. "

" Good for you! " Holly nudged her.

" We got to go now. "

" Ok. See ya later. " Sam walked off, then stopped.

" Hey, guys. " They turned.

" Come over to my house later. I'll give you the address after school. "

" Okay! " They all said. At that time, Holly grabbed her arm.

" Come on! " Sam followed her, but knew she wanted to come.

" By the way Holly, you're invited, too. "

Monday, March 2, 2009

Sam = Trouble

Hello Readers! Do you like stories? I do. And I have a wonderful idea for my Blog. How about I write a story chapter once a week? If you do not like the story or idea, please tell me. Here ya go!

Sam = Trouble #1


" Sam! Hurry up or you'll be late! "

" Coming Mother! " called Sam Seven. She stuffed her homework in her bag and rushed down the stairs.

" Now, don't go find trouble in school. This is your first day and I don't want it ruined with a call from the principle. "

" Yes Mother. "

" Good girl, now off you go! " She pushed Sam out and slammed the door. Sam sighed. She was in a new town and knew no one, and her mother expected her to stay out of trouble.

" She should know that I don't find trouble, it finds me! " She checked her watch, she was already five minutes behind, what would and extra five hurt? She ran to the garage, took out her skate board and rode out to the street. Her short black hair tickled the back of her neck as the wind blew through it. She looked around and took in as much as her green eyes could hold. ' The people on Third Street have a vicious dog that prowls around, so no teepeeing their house.' she thought. ' and the people next to them have a house that smells like sweaty gym socks. ' She checked her watch again. Now she was really late. She sped up and didn't stop till she reached her school.

" Blackberry Hill High School. " She read. " What a weird name for a town. " She went in and looked around. The walls were painted a crisp white and bare. The blue tile floor sparkled, but there were no footprints on it.

" Does anyone come here? " She said out loud.

" Yes. " came a soft voice. She turned around and saw a girl with blond, bouncy hair, brown eyes and freckles sprinkled across her nose.

" Who are you? " asked Sam.

" Oh, excuse me for not introducing myself. My name is Holly Matthews. I'm in the 9Th grade and live on First Street. " She smiled.

" Uh... I'm Sam Seven. " Holly stared at her a minute and frowned.

" You are suppose to say what grade you are in, what street you live on and you must use your full name. "

" Why? "

" Because that is how things are around here. Now, grade,full name, and street, please. " Sam swallowed her anger and said,

" I live on Second Street and I am in the 9Th grade and my name is Samantha Seven. " Holly shook her head.

" I suppose that will do for now, but you should learn the right way to do it. Now follow me to your classroom." She went past Sam and started walking down the blue tiled hall. Sam followed and looked at what Holly was wearing. ' Dress shoes, stockings, dress and a bow?! They better not think they are putting those things on me.' she thought.

" Here you are. " said Holly. Sam looked at the number. ' Room 7. '

" After your introduction class I'll come back to show you around. Ta ta!!" Holly wiggled her fingers and walked to a door three doors down. Sam took a deep breath in.

" Alright, here we go." She reached for the knob, but the door flung open. Standing in the doorway, was a mean looking woman.

" Where have you been Miss Seven?! You are 45 minutes late. " She grabbed Sam's arm and dragged her into the room. She stood in front of the class with Sam at her side.

" Class, this is Samantha Seven. Say hello. "

" Hello Samantha Seven. " To Sam, they sounded like machines.

" Miss Seven, your desk is up front, next to Mr.Ryun's. " Sam had no idea who ' Mr.Ryun's ' was. Luckily, the teacher pointed out the desk. She sat down and looked at her desk. It was a plain, polished desk. ' Polished?! These people are perfectionist freaks! ' She looked up to see the teacher writing something on the chalk board.

" Class, this is how you will address me. " She pointed to a name on the board.

" My name is Mrs.Ernia. I live on Fourth Street and have a husband and a lovely two year old. " ' Poor kid! '

" Now I will go down rows and tap your shoulder to tell you it is your turn. " She went to the back and tapped on a girl with brown flat hair.

" My name is Allyson Herold. I'm in the 9Th grade and live on Second Street. " Mrs.Ernia tapped on the boy next to Allyson.

" My name is Adam Herold. I'm in the 9Th grade and live on Second Street. " ' Aw, man! If we have to introduce like this, it could take forever! Good thing there is only six kids. ' She moved onto the next person.

" My name is Dillon Tyler. I'm in the 9Th grade and live on Third Street. " Mrs.Ernia looked at the clock.

" Okay class, We need to begin our class soon, so just say your first and last name. " She tapped the next kid.

" My name is Cassie Vernan. " Then she tapped the boy next to Sam.

" My name is Drake Ryun's " Then she got to Sam.

" Hey, names Sam Seven. " There were a few gasps and Mrs.Ernia glared at Sam.

" Her name is Samantha Seven. " She walked back to the chalkboard and started talking about the school schedule. After an hour of mind numbing rules, the bell rang for lunch.

" Alright class, line up. " The class lined up with the small people at the front and the big people at the back.

" Miss Seven, since you are the tallest, you will be the caboose. " They walked out and she felt someone grab her arm.

" Hello. " said Holly. " I'm accompanying you to lunch. "

Hope you enjoyed it! Next week is chapter 2! See ya then!

My Mom ( And Her Child Within )

Well, I've told you about me, now I'm going to tell you about my Hero. My mom. You see, my mom has always been there for me, in more ways than one. She is a bunch of people put together. She's my mom, my dad, my friend ( though sometimes it feels like I can't talk to her for some unknown reason. ) my cuddler, my playmate, my make-everything-feel-better. I have the best mom. Wanna know why? Cuz inside my mom, is a playful child. Whenever we play, her inner child comes out. She acts silly and crazy and and all together fun. Just a few days ago, we were playing our new game Mario Karts Wii. She will do this funny thing that makes our sides split. Here's an example. We are at the starting line, waiting for the light to go green. Then, we ZOOM ahead and she'll say, in a joking way, " There you guys go again! Speeding ahead! " It makes my sides sore! We have such a good time ( when there are no whiners! ). But sadly, it ends......until tomorrow! I love my mom so much, I can't find enough things to do for her! I'm constantly trying to do something so that she doesn't have to ( although I forget to pick up stuff off the floor now and then ). She'd do anything for me, and I do anything for her. I love her, and that includes all her personalities!!!!