Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Battle Between Christian Bands and so Called " Christian Bands"

There has been a big battle between Christian Bands and Bands that call themselves Christian, but don't write Christian songs on Facebook. I think that if a band is Christian, they should most definately sings songs that would bring someone to Christ, or whats the point?? People are saying that they write a non-Christian song so that people will buy their CD...then there will be a Christian song on there that might bring them to Christ. Some people are like that too. They become worldy, so that they will fit in, then they swithch around and become godly. But I think it doesn't work that way. They could be stuck being worldy because they were in a worldy atmosphere for so long. It's the same for bands. They become wordly for people to listen, then they go to Christian, but they can't seem to because they start to go down in buisness. So they start singing worldly songs. You should always be yourself when your a Christian Band. You should start right off and sing songs that glorify God.