Friday, May 21, 2010

No Computer......*sigh*

OK, so you're probably wondering, ' If she has no computer, then how did she do this post?' Well, the answer is because I'm at the Library. I'm not complaining, then Library's great, but I wish we had our home one back. I know this is a test from God, because it's testing all of us. We all are getting irritated, but we're going to have to live. Maybe 'some people' could read a book, or play a game or something. Oh, I have great news.... I FOUND MY DRAWINGS! *confetti, balloons, music* I am SO happy! I drew my first picture in a week, and it felt GOOD! I didn't "find" them, Mom did, but I was so happy, I ran into my room and put them away. lol I'm bringing my comic to my Sunday School teacher this Sunday (which is also the day I sing at night church *gulp!*). I can't wait to color my drawing. I have to say, it's one of my best, besides my comic. I am getting different techniques and everything and they are turning out better than my old ones! *squeals in delight*

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