Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Youth Group: Mom Worries

*sigh* So I go to Youth Group tonight, and no one talks to me. I don't really mind, but it kills my mom. I don't quite understand it, because it doesn't bother me. I only go for the lesson and some of the games. I don't know why I don't mix in with the other kids, I just don't. Maybe it's God's way of telling me something. Sometimes it hurts that I don't mix. Sometimes I'm grateful I don't mix. I'm like a black (or we'll say neon green in this case! :D) sheep in a flock of white sheep. I don't mind being different, I want to be different. It worries my mom though, but I don't know why. I guess it's because I don't have a lot of friends or something, but maybe that's God telling me I don't need a lot of friends. If I have a lot of friends, I might do
bad things. Last week, in Sunday School, we had gotten to the part of the Bible where it says, " And their eyes were opened and they saw they were naked and sewed fig leaves to cover themselves." And the whole topic got to nudist colonies! The teacher was doing her best to get off the topic, but why do I want friends that are going to talk about that when that verse comes up or even think about it like that? I want friends that are going to dig deeper into the meaning of what that verse means. *sigh* I don't want my mom to worry. I'm fine! I don't need them to be happy. 1. I have God, who could be a better friend than Him?! 2. I have 2 good friends. If that's all God wants me to have, then I'm good. I might want more, but I'll realize that that's NOT what God wanted. I just want to follow God to the ends of the earth, even if that means going to Youth Group and not have anyone talk to me.


  1. Shelby- You don't know me but I felt compeled to write to you. You seem like a beautiful person with a strong love for God. Give it to him. Pray for your peers. I have faith that God will answer those prayers. Peace to you!